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My Triathlon Philosophy


When it comes to training and racing in triathlon, I am a big believer in three things: consistency, communication and performance, not results.


These are the 3 things that have guided me to 4 World titles , 3 Olympic Games, 5 British titles and 15 years at the top of the Triathlon World.  Remarkably, I have never had to take a season out due to over training, illness or injury. 


I find it is much more efficient and less costly as an athlete to meet hurdles head on and deal with the issues when you first hit them, not on the 4th or 5th hurdle.  Again, this stop-think-communicate-move forward philosophy has really helped me be consistent. 


The key to this has always been my communication with my coach, physio, wife, friends and everyone in my support team who are working with me, with the end goal of achieving my BEST performance on race day.


Consistency does not mean "Legend" training sessions and personal best week in and week out.  It is following a plan working towards goals in training, racing and life.  It is important to communicate with your coach about your life, inside and outside of triathlon.  Being honest with yourself and your coach about how you feel about training sessions and races both physically and mental.  Learn from things that have not worked, learn from things that have worked.

Always move forward through what you have learned.


Some of my best performances did not land me on the podium, but I squeezed every bit of what I had out of myself.  As they say, “I left nothing out there”.  After these performances I walked away with a smile knowing that the Win would have been nice, but on that day that’s what I had.  This is how I try to race in each and every race.  I will Sprint as hard for 40th as I will for the Win!  That’s me, that’s what I do, that’s what I was taught to do. 

Never give up, never ever give up.  So much hard work, sacrifice and energy has gone into my race, I have to do it, I want to do it!  For me, it's an expression session of all the hours training, of all the beers not drank, of all the early nights, time away from my family, support from sponsors friends and of course coaches.  That is what I strive for, the Perfect Performance.


These are the things as a coach I want to instill into my athletes.  I want you to have as much faith in me as I do in you.  It’s a partnership, a journey, an experience, it's fun, hard work, it's Triathlon!

  • Racing and training goals

  • Personal strengths and weaknesses

  • 12 month plan focusing on goal events

  • 2-3 week rolling program

  • Enhanced individual input, feedback and support

  • Detailed session description for every session where required

  • 30min Skype/phone every two weeks

  • Unlimited email access-response within 12-24 hours

  • Adjustment to your weekly training when required. 


Communication of training via online training diary with your own personal account where you can see your upcoming sessions and track your progress - TrainingPeaks  – 


Daily email alerts delivered to your private email account, informing you of the next day’s training session including details of the session where relevant 


Training sessions using Power (bike), GPS (bike and run) and Heart Rate where you have access to this equipment 


Regular field testing using above equipment to monitor progress and adjust training accordingly 


Price on Application

Initial setup will include Skype 2x30min an over view of your last 6 months training with analysis and feed back .

Please visit Halo ID and fill out Athlete Preliminary Questionnaire to get started.

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